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2023-2024 Yearbooks


2023-2024 SGE Yearbooks will go on sale this Spring! Important dates are as follows:


2/15/24 - 3/8/24: Yearbook ADs will go on sale on 2/15/24. For the first time, SGE families have the chance to purchase "Congratulations" ads in the SGE yearbook. We're also offering the opportunity to purchase smaller "Shout-Out" ads for any person or group of people in the SGE family (Girls on the Run or Chess Club for example). These ads are priced as follows:

$50: Half-Page 5th-Grader “Congrats” Ad (open to 5th grade scholars only)
$25: “Shout-Out” Ads (open to any Shamrock scholar) 


Examples of these ads and the order form to purchase are available here.


3/11/24 - 3/17/24: The pre-sale for the 2023-2024 SGE Yearbooks will be open. Due to the loss of Title I funding, the school will not be able to provide them free for scholars this year. The PTA Yearbook Committee has taken over creating the yearbook this year. They are working hard to include all SGE staff, scholars, activities, clubs, and events while keeping the book at a low price point. Pricing for the yearbooks is as follows:


3/11/24 - 3/17/24: $15/yearbook

3/18/24 - 3/29/24: $20/yearbook


Click here to pre-order your 2023-2024 yearbook!


For questions about yearbooks please email Andy Smith at