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SGE is a Learning Immersion/Talent Development magnet school that serves scholars of many different socio-economic backgrounds in Plaza Midwood, Country Club Heights and Plaza Shamrock, as well as scholars who enter through the magnet lottery.


While many public schools have faced major cuts to critical programs and services, SGE PTA is in a financial position to help keep fundamental and valuable programs that are part of our school's culture. But only with your help. All funds raised by the SGE PTA will help support the vast needs of the scholars and teachers.


SGE PTA programs and resources are primarily funded from two sources: INVEST in Your School Campaign and Shamrock Shuffle. The SGE PTA strives each year to meet our annual goal and family participation level.


INVEST in your school Shamrock Shuffle



Joining the SGE PTA is one of the many ways to support the education of your child. No required volunteer time is needed. Beyond paying annual membership dues, your involvement level in the SGE PTA is up to you. Your PTA membership allows you to have a voice in improving the educational environment of the children in North Carolina and gives you the opportunity to work with other parents, educators and community leaders statewide toward that important goal. 


Pay your SGE PTA membership online